Corporate Nudging

The art of gently influencing decisions in organizations

"Gentle hints" or "extra food for thought“ – so-called nudges – have an effect on entrenched patterns of decision making and behavior. Popularized in the 2000s by Thaler and Sunstein, nudging strategies were first applied in politics: With the idea of "libertarian paternalism," governments, such as thoseunder President Obama, made nudges an integral part of more effective communication and in the efficient design of laws.

Today, nudging approaches are increasingly being used in companies: in designing customer experiences, in designing acquisition campaigns, in implementing transformation projects, in supporting sustainability stra-tegies, or in the calibration of entrepreneurial decisions in management. 

Through corporate nudging, companies can influence their own decision-making architecture or that of their employees. Decisions are not con-strained, but the decision environment is changed and decisionsare significantly "nudged" in a certain direction. 

This book (in German) structures the various nudging approaches and provides a practice-oriented mix of knowledgeable basics as well as concrete examples from corporate practice.

ISBN 978-3-648-13738-3